The Rose of Sharon

Women's Ministry Bible Study

Calvary Chapel of Manitowoc women's ministry offers an in-depth Bible study every Wednesday evening at 6:30 P.M. The study focuses on application, exhortation and building godly relationships in our lives.

Currently we are studying I Samuel. The following "homework questions" completed the week preceding each study allow you to draw close to the Lord:

Day One: Read Text

A. What did I learn about God and His character?

B. How can I apply this to my life now?

C. Pray: Praise and thank Him for revealed aspects of His character.

Day Two: Read Text

A. What Did I learn about life? ( Lessons from life)

B. How can I apply this to my life today?

C. Pray: Ask for wisdom and willingness to apply lessons learned.

Day Three: Read Text

A. What did I learn about myself? (attitudes, priorities, fears, failure, desires)

B. How can I apply this to my life? (change?!)

C. Ask for Lord’s help to change – grow!

Day Four: Read Text

A. Referring to Day One A, find a Psalm or other portion of scripture that 

emphasizes the same aspect of God’s character.

B. Pray: Emphasizing God’s revealed character.

Day Five: Read Text

A. Review Days 1-4.

B. Write a title to summarize this week’s text.

C. Write down the one major point or lesson the Lord wants you to remember and apply.

D. Pray: Intercessoraly for church, pastor, unsaved, loved ones, other women in this study . . .